Company Policies

To ensure best service to all our patients we have ethe following policies in place.

  1. We do not book appointments without a referral from primary care provider or Specialist. Such provider also must be in network with your insurance company.
    • We will not book an appointment made from another doctor’s office without a referral nor without talking to the patient, we need to make sure time and date are convenient, give instructions and directions.
  2. ALWAYS BE CORTEOUS AND POLITE. We have a zero tolerance for disrespect in this office from patients or staff.
  3. To be seen in this office you must present picture ID and Insurance card when required to. Your insurance company requires we verify that the person we are seen is the policy holder. If you have a digital copy, email it to [email protected]
  4. If you are 10+ minutes late for your appointment, we reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment. We need to respect the time for the next patients and in some cases, we simply cannot accommodate late appointments.
  5. If you miss your appointment without notifying the office 24 Hours ahead of time, there will be a $50 no-show fee. It is patient responsibility, and we will not bill insurance for such fee.
    • If you miss the same appointment 2 times, we reserve the right to schedule such appointment one more time. There is a high need for appointments, and we can serve a patient in need.
  6. THE USE OF CELLPHONES IN THIS OFFICE IS PROHIBITED. IF YOU MOST TAKE A PHONE CALL, WE ASK YOU TO STEP OUTSIDE, if you miss your appointment time due to that we reserve the right to reschedule.
  7. WE DO NOT HANDLE CASH IN THIS OFFICE. WE ACCEPT CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS, PERSONAL CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS. In the event you must pay cash we kindly ask it is exact change.
  8. If during scheduling we request you bring your most recent images done at a different facility, Example: MRI, CT scan, previous Ultrasounds, Mammogram images and report and you come to the appointment without them, we won’t be able to see you. Appointment will be rescheduled. NO EXCEPTIONS
  9. We do not validate parking.

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