We ask all patients and their family members to please refrain from wearing any perfume, cologne, after shave or heavily scented lotions or hair products. Dr. Hammers is highly allergic to fragrances.

You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your ultrasound exam. You will need to remove all clothing and jewelry in the area to be examined.

Services: (General Information on Ultrasound Imaging)

  • Abdominal (Preparation)
  • Aorta (Preparation)
  • Arterial
  • Breast
  • Carotid
  • Breast Biopsy
    • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy is a highly accurate way to evaluate suspicious masses within the breast that are visible on ultrasound, whether or not they can be felt on breast self-examination or clinical examination. The procedure prevents the need to remove tissue surgically and also eliminates the radiation exposure that comes from using x-rays to locate a mass. After placing an ultrasound probe over the site of the breast lump and using local anesthesia, the radiologist guides a biopsy needle directly into the mass. After placing an ultrasound probe over the site of the breast lump and using local anesthesia, the radiologist guides a biopsy needle directly into the mass. Tissue specimens are then taken using either an automatic spring-loaded device. These samples are then sent to a certified cytology laboratory for histological evaluation. Ultrasound-guided biopsy is most useful when there are suspicious changes on the mammogram that can also be seen on an ultrasound exam but no abnormality can be felt on breast self-examination or clinical examination by your primary care physician. However, there are times when your doctor decides that ultrasound guidance for biopsy is appropriate even for a mass that can be felt.
  • Musculoskeletal
    • Ultrasound is very suited for visualizing dynamic motion. It is particularly good at visualizing tendons, ligaments, fluid pockets, and tears around joint spaces. When warranted ultrasound is used to guide needle placement into these areas to drain fluid or inject medication into the area to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Parathyroid
  • Rectal (Preparation)
  • Renal or Transabdominal (Preparation)
  • Sonohysterogram
    • This is an internal vaginal exam during which a catheter is placed into the cervix and fluid is injected into the uterus. This slightly distends the uterus separating the two walls so that the endometrial lining can be examined. This procedure helps to visualize polyps or fibroids that may be disturbing the lining. These exams must be scheduled for day 2-7 of the patient's menstrual cycle.
  • Thyroid
  • Thyroid/Lymph Node Biopsy
    • Ultrasound-guided needle biopsy is a simple procedure done by Dr Hammers. The procedure is quick and well tolerated. No anesthetic is required and very small needles are used. Three passes into each area of concern are typically needed to get adequate tissue sampling. Each biopsy requires 3-5 minutes and results are available from the patient's primary ordering physician in 5-7 working days. The procedure allows for histological evaluation of the cells removed in order to determine if cancer is present and surgery may be required to remove the thyroid. Histological diagnosis is warranted for lesions which are considered indeterminate in nature. Fifty percent of the population has thyroid nodules. About 5% of those patients are found to have cancer.
  • Venous
    • This is an exam of the veins of the arms or legs. This test detects evidence of obstructed blood flow as it returns to the heart from the extremities. Blood clots that cause flow obstruction can sometimes migrate to the lungs causing shortness of breath. Ultrasound is very good at detecting blood clots.

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